CRITICAL! Electricity Fundraiser!

Richmond’s oldest structure, a 147-year-old lighthouse, in jeopardy!

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Richmond’s oldest structure, a 147-year-old lighthouse, in jeopardy!

Fate of historic East Brother Lighthouse unclear after power system fails.

Why is this Lighthouse so important? Built in 1873 it's the oldest Wood Frame Lighthouse left in the United States, it's listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it's a Registered California Historic Landmark, and is an Island Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast for the experience of a lifetime! If you've stayed with us then you already know!

On April 1st (no foolin') the Power Cable that supplies our establishment with electricity failed. It is owned by the Coast Guard to power the shining beacon of light at the top of the Historic Tower. They are woefully underfunded and are unable to repair this $200,000 cable which leaves us with the task of figuring out how to keep this amazing place open for the enjoyment of great folks like you!

Our History includes being saved 42 years ago by a large group of people who cared enough to pool their collective resources, connections, donations, and love to save East Brother Light Station. We are once again in historic times and we need your help to save her again.

We have all the ideas for sources of power available- Repairing the cable, Solar/Wind/Wave energy, etc., what we need is the funding to make it possible, the connections (does anyone know Elon Musk?) that could make it come about at a more economic rate and the support of anyone who has us in their hearts. Every one of you who can help will know you were there for us so that we can be here for you.

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More information about East Brother Light Station Inc (EBLS): To preserve the lighthouse for generations to come.